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We believe in a number of methods for improving your life, especially in a spiritual capacity

Healing though meditation

Meditation gives us great health and emotional advantages. It reduces stress, allowing us to be more reasoned, tranquil, less judgemental. As the brain is calmed, our hearts can open, we can become better, resolve and shift away from the issues that restrain us. Meditation liberates the emotions, clarifies the mind leading to personal growth and so a stronger relationship with the self, which eventually leads us to stronger relationships with those in our environs, as well as with the environment.

When we start meditation we don’t know where it will take us, we cannot be certain what changes it will bring to us on a personal nor a local level - but it will enable changes and transformations.

Healing of the spirit

The sicknesses that affect us, the issues that distress our minds ultimately originate in mental, emotional & spiritual lack of balance. Energy healing is the shift of universal and spiritual energy from the practitioner into the discreet energy field of the customer to improve the self, enabling the body, mind and heart to change and heal themselves. Energy healing captures the belief that there is a universal energy field that can be taken advantage of used to enhance the energy of other people.

Spiritual healing allows the soul to be present during sessions, as obviously your own spiritual self is. This can lead to clairvoyant insight as to what is going on in your life as well as the practice itself.

What we can Offer...

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Within this website we believe in providing our readers with advice and pointers to aid them on their journey to becoming spiritually enlightened. We also offer some advice on dealing with different aspects of a person’s life – relationships, job, money, family, happiness, health etc.

Among our interests are healing, particularly holistic healing. "Holistic" comes from the Greek language, specifically " holos", which means " whole". Holistic therapies therefore treat the "whole person" rather than just the sickness.

Holistic treatments work on self-curing, self-responsibility, self-care. Customers are led to believe they can heal themselves. Holistic therapy focuses on treating the original causes of the problem, not just the symptoms that the client reports. The holistic approach treats the head & body as an interwoven system, each having effects on and relying on the other.

All in all, holistic practices show empowerment for the client and enable those who wish to take responsibility for their own health and happiness the chance to do so.

You may find a continually changing monthly calendar to help you through the year and to offer rituals that will help you to celebrate the continual revolving wheel of the year and to enlarge the different energies as the months revolve.

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