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Within this website we believe in providing our readers with advice and pointers to aid them on their journey to becoming spiritually enlightened. We also offer some advice on dealing with different aspects of a person’s life – relationships, job, money, family, happiness, health etc.

Among our interests are healing, particularly holistic healing. "Holistic" comes from the Greek language, specifically " holos", which means " whole". Holistic therapies therefore treat the "whole person" rather than just the sickness.

Holistic treatments work on self-curing, self-responsibility, self-care. Customers are led to believe they can heal themselves. Holistic therapy focuses on treating the original causes of the problem, not just the symptoms that the client reports. The holistic approach treats the head & body as an interwoven system, each having effects on and relying on the other.

All in all, holistic practices show empowerment for the client and enable those who wish to take responsibility for their own health and happiness the chance to do so.

You may find a continually changing monthly calendar to help you through the year and to offer rituals that will help you to celebrate the continual revolving wheel of the year and to enlarge the different energies as the months revolve.

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